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  • AYY 470/6
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No. 4 Commando, Special Service Brigade in a mock seaborne raid on cliffs near Zennor, St Ives, Cornwall known as The Brandys. The exercise was a seaborne landing on an area with no beach, followed by a climb with full kit up vertical cliffs to seize a target.

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Men climbing up the cliffs from the water. Ascent of cliffs "up the chimney". Men taking up defence positions. Setting up the mortar for smoke bombs. Loading the mortar. Men loading landing craft onto the Landing Craft Transport (LCT). A town [St Ives?] is in the background. Unloading landing craft from lorries and transferring them to the LCT. Close up of the [load ? handwriting] directing the loading of the LCT. Stowing landing [craft] under cover on the LCT. Man tying a clove hitch knot to the [cleat] hook on landing craft. The LCT starts moving along the coast. The LCT is marked "LCT (2) 142". Shots taken from [Admiral Pitcher's] launch of the LCT during the trip. The LCT in heavy seas. View of the coast and cliffs. Dropping the anchor of the LCT. Men lower the bow and the first craft is put off. Landing craft making for the shore. Landing craft putting back from the shore and returning to the LCT. View from the cliffs of the landing craft leaving the LCT. The troop commander goes ahead over the rocks. Men carry out the final assault on the objective. A group of three men advance across an opening. The men go over a wall. The leader of the men crawling along the ground. Close up of a man climbing over a wall. The troop Commander, Captain Pat Porteous, crawls to a vantage point and calls his men on.

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