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Shermans belonging to the 3rd RTR and M5 half-tracks from the 8th Rifle Brigade's 'G' Company overtake a burning German ammunition waggon on the road to Amiens in the early hours of August 31st 1944. Lorried infantry belonging to 4th Battalion Shropshire Light Infantry and detachments from the battalion's anti-tank platoon enter Amiens soon after its liberation. In the centre of the town, Lieutenant-General Horrocks, 30th Corps Commander, confers with the 11th Armoured Division commander, Major-General 'Pip' Roberts, and chats to men of the 8th Rifle Brigade's 'H' Company at the main bridge over the Somme which they had captured intact earlier that day. The local Resistance, which had assisted in the liberation of Amiens, hold a parade in the streets while vehicles carrying men of the 3rd Monmouth Regiment and a 3rd RTR jeep head through the town.

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