OPERATION LIVERY, JULY 1945 [Allocated Title]

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  • ADM 1771
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Force 63 in Operation Livery, a diversionary minesweeping exercise off Phuket Island on the coast of Siam, the last offensive action of the East Indies Fleet in the Second World War

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Practice shoot by 40mm Bofors on camera ship - probably HMS Empress. HMS Raider (H.15) comes alongside for jackstay transfer - HMS Paladin (G.69) is also part of the close escort. LS of companion carrier HMS Ameer as aircraft land on. Hellcat lands on Empress. HA as 60 lb rockets are loaded into wing rack on Hellcat. Hellcats take off and land on. HMS Sussex and HMS Nelson take up position in line ahead of camera ship - HMS Ameer is astern. Final LS off port beam of Nelson.

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