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  • ADM 1671
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  • whole: Number Of Items/reels/tapes 2


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HMS Eastbourne contends with obstreperous Icelandic gunboats.

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Reel One. Opening LS of HMS Russell (F.97) steaming left to right on open sea. Onboard Eastbourne ratings pull through the barrels of the twin 4.5-inch gun. The cameraship closes on the starboard quarter of Russell and a light heaving line is passed, a jackstay rigged, and Commodore Anderson transfers. The Commodore's pendant worn by Russell shifts to Eastbourne. The Commodore addresses some of Eastbourne's crew on the quarterdeck. Minesweeper HMS Hound (M.307) circles Eastbourne's stern to come alongside to port for a transfer of personnel. Replenishment at sea - cameraship closes to come alongside RFA Black Ranger - the tanker's low freeboard makes her very wet in the heavy sea. Hose is transferred for crane fuelling. After the operation has been completed and the hose disconnected, the hoseline is not ready to take the weight and runs out freely, dropping the end of the hose into the sea. The end and the bight of the hose drag in the water while the ship's crews struggle against the heavy seas to recover the rig. Cut to calmer waters off Iceland - the Grimsby trawler Northern Foam is being harassed by the Icelandic gunboat Thor, and the Eastbourne's motorboat passes between the ships trying to persuade the Icelanders against any attempt to board the trawler - a RN party forms up on the quarterdeck to add force to the arguments. Eastbourne circles the ships - the Icelandic gunboat Maria Julia is also present. CPO on Eastbourne uses a signal searchlight. Commodore Anderson watches developments, issuing orders over a microphone. The Commodore, dressed formally, visits the Thor. Cut to MS of a second trawler, hove to ready to receive Eastbourne's boat, and CU as the trawler's rather disreputable looking captain, Mr James Crockwell, chats with Commodore Anderson onboard the frigate. Reel Two. Confused series of shots showing Eastbourne with various trawlers - boat's crew bring back a gift of freshly caught (and cleaned) cod, a man transfers to a trawler in an emergency life-raft (!), further conversation with the Thor. Sequence showing cameraship closing on the starboard quarter of HMS Hogue (D.74), and CU of the destroyer's bridge and B turret as the Commodore transfers ship. Hogue semaphores and makes off. MS off the port beam of the Icelandic gunboat Odinn underway at sea. Final shot as Eastbourne crosses close astern of another Grimsby trawler.

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