BRITAIN PREPARED : a review of the activities of His Majesty's naval and military forces [Main Title]

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Royal Navy, Army training camps, and Vickers' munitions and shipbuilding works in Britain, autumn 1915.

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(Reel 1) Training the New Army - "cheery non-slackers" undergo PT, drill and bayonet practice, mounting and sabre drill for cavalry. (Reel 2) Manufacture of a 15-inch naval gun and firing trials. (Reel 3) King George V visits Vickers ordnance plant at Aldershot, August 1915. Troops stage mock battles in a system of demonstration trenches. (Reel 4) Cavalry training and care of their mounts. 18-pounder field artillery on the road. Evolutions by mounted machine gun section and cavalry. Royal Flying Corps - aircraft take off, mock aerial combat and bombing. Photo-reconnaissance aircraft returns to base. (Reel 5) Field telegraph and heliograph demonstrated. Wire laying and preparation of signals station. Staff officers plan an "attack". Exercise by motorcycle machine gun battalion. (Reel 6) Operation of field bakery and kitchen. The King reviews 36th (Ulster) Division. Cavalry unit entrained. (Reel 7) Shipbuilding - construction and launch of HMS Revenge, Vickers, May 1915. Manufacture of 15-inch shells and gunnery trials. Minesweeping - Flower Class sloops and paddle minesweepers at work. (Reel 8) Manufacture of munitions and royal visit to Vickers (cf Reel 3). (Reel 9) The Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow and in the North Sea. (Reel 10) Scenes onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth. (Reel 11) Launching of an E-Class submarine, a staged sequence of a submarine attack, and taking on torpedoes at base. Destroyers in the North Sea, including the firing of a torpedo for training purposes. (Reel 12) Further scenes onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth, this time showing firing and other "action" material, with an "All's well" dusk return. HMS Engadine launching and recovering a seaplane (from IWM 130/03+04).

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