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Training and operational aircraft and airships of the Royal Naval Air Service in Great Britain, 1917-1918.

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(Reel 1) Aerial view of Cranwell. Medium close-up of Commodore Luce; instruction of trainee ground crew and probationary flight officers; wireless school; gunnery practice with Maxim MG and Lewis on simulator; learning to taxi a Short bomber; training flight in BE2Cs; USN officers attached for instruction; a "War Flight" of Sopwith Pups scrambles (Sopwith Camels cut in at take off); flight of HP 0/400s; aerial view of trenches and a large town; long shot of aircraft in spiral nose dive; Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter lands and pilot climbs out. (Reel 2) Kite balloon launched and towed to waiting vessel. SS airships launched for coastal patrol. Medium close-up as airship is bombed up. Aerial view of HMS Furious. Airships landing and returning to sheds. Pilots and mascot. Fleet anchorage - Colossus Class battleship flashes a signal - medium long shot off port quarter of an Iron Duke, with Marksman Class Leader alongside, as No 9 Rigid, R34, passes overhead. (Reel 3) Seaplanes: mechanics at work; Sopwith Baby on trials; Short 184 bombed up; Short 830 and 184 take off on patrol (Lord Clive Class monitor in background). Aerial views of HMS Courageous and HMS Glorious. (Reel 4) Short Seaplane flies over fleet. Felixstowe flying boats are launched and taxi to take off. Aerial view of Felixstowe base and a convoy at sea. Close-up as observer takes photographs. Airmen receive medals. End medium shot of Iron Duke Class battleship, and pan across anchorage.

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