AIRCRAFT AT SEA 1 [Allocated Title]

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  • IWM 555-3
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Miscellaneous aircraft footage from the First World War period.

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High-angle view onto detachment of Royal Marines drawn up on quayside - they march off, arms shouldered. Detachment passes camera, now situated in a park. Medium shot as Royal Naval Air Service personnel march past camera - camp buildings in background. Close-up as sub-Lieutenant RN takes a bearing. Cut to high-angle view as Short seaplane is brought up from forward hangar on HMS Furious. Medium shot of a DH4 and pan to a row of Sopwiths parked beyond on grass field. Long shot of a Short seaplane in flight low over water. Distant aerial view of Furious at sea. Medium shot of Sopwith Pup N6442 on grass field as pilot disembarks - pan right to two other aircraft with pilots and ground crew about them. Various long shots of aircraft in flight, including HP 0/400 bombers. Low-angle view as a kite balloon rises on its tether. Astre-Torres type airship C24 is brought out of its hangar. Medium shot of the airship SSZ9 as it is restrained by ground crew hauling on lines - two crew are in the gondola but the engine has not been started. Low-angle long shot as two SS airships head off at the start of a patrol. Aerial views of a coastal harbour, a convoy of dazzle-painted merchantmen, RNAS air station and country town. Low-angle shot as Sopwith Pup is lifted from forward hangar on Furious. Medium shot as a French destroyer (Gabion/Coutelas Class) passes right to left. Medium shot broad on the port bow of a damaged V/W Class destroyer - a light line leads from her bows to a second vessel off frame left, and a third ship is in close company, but largely obscured by the first. Long shot of Felixstowe flying boat circling low over anchorage. Medium long shot off port bow of Admiralty M Class destroyer at speed. Medium shot study of white smokescreen left by a destroyer. Medium shot of HMS Llewellyn (61) - her focsle 4-inch gun fires to port. Continuation of earlier sequence showing a damaged V/W Class destroyer - the damaged ship is now down at the stern, and the leading vessel can be seen to be HMS Whirlwind (H.41) - a fourth destroyer (American or possibly Hawthorn M Class) is visible in background. Final shot of the masts of a sunken small craft breaking the surface near a small rocky islet (?).

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