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HMS Birmingham and four Z Class destroyers make a goodwill visit to Copenhagen from 9-20 May, 1945. German naval units are in the process of being demilitarised.

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Reel One. Entry into Copenhagen - a fishing vessel carrying the pilot and a local cameraman approach the cameraship HMS Zealous. The pilot and Commander Jessel confer on the bridge. LS past one of the other Z Class destroyers to the cruiser HMS Birmingham. As they enter the harbour the British ships pass various German smallcraft - Vorpostenboote, M-boote, and torpedo recovery craft. Zealous goes alongside one of the other destroyers, and HMS Dido and HMS Birmingham then berth. The crews of Zealous and her companion are mustered on the focsle decks - they cheer for the camera. The Captain of the other ship addresses his crew from a vantage point on the top of A gun - he is applauded. Locals visit the ships, and some of the crewmen dance with the Danish girls. Cut to a series of LA views of Prinz Eugen, taken from a boat crowded with sightseeing RN officers - the sloop Jagd (?) is alongside the German cruiser. Cameracraft then goes on to visit the Nürnberg before returning to Zealous and her companion. Sequence showing Danish visitors onboard Zealous - the ship has become quite crowded, and there is some perilous climbing over her upper works by the local lads. Two girls hold Danish flags - one is rather pretty and has already attracted the cameraman's attention as she climbed a steel ladder. Reel Two. Sequence showing the de-ammunitioning of Prinz Eugen - main battery shells, torpedo warheads and crates of small calibre ammunition are brought up on deck. A chute is used to transfer AP shells from the ship to a small lorry waiting on the quayside. A similar process is taking place on Nürnberg - the quayside is stacked with ammunition boxes and the containers for the main battery charges. MS and CUs of two Raumboote lying astern of Prinz Eugen - both have a trident decal on their bows. Senior German naval officers go onboard HMS Dido - they salute the quarterdeck and go off under escort. Long sequence showing a naval party being shown around the array of Molch and Neger midget submarines stored at Lynaes Fort. The cameraman displays a preference for submarines with names like Seekatze or Ursula. The whole site has a neglected and rather dilapidated air. A Molch is opened up by a naval Oberfeldwebel, and a bearded RN Lieutenant climbs in - CUs show the propeller being run and the rudder turned slightly. A Leutnant zur See demonstrates a diver's breathing gear, watched by the British Lieutenant, his companion and the interested terrier who has accompanied the party round the Fort.

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