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HMS Aurora with a destroyer escort carries King George VI from Tripoli to Malta in Operation Anchor.

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Aurora approaches the entry to Grand Harbour, preceded by HMS Eskimo. The King mounts a saluting point on the roof of B turret. Aurora enters Grand Harbour, passing a paddle-tug, HMS Penelope, a T Class submarine, and HMS Orion - the ships are manned as a mark of respect to the Sovereign. Cut to scene ashore as the King, wearing Naval uniform, climbs into a car for a drive around Sliema - he is cheered by the crowd. Cut again to HMS Aurora - the cameraman is in the eyes of the ship, and the crew and ship's marines are massed on the focsle, forward turrets and bridge - among them sit the ship's officers with the King, now dressed in Army uniform - he rises to go at the end of the shot. Cheered by the crew, the King departs the ship - the cameraman accompanies him in a HDML manned by a Free French crew and flying a pennant bearing the Cross of Lorraine - the cameracraft nears one of the escorts, HMS Eskimo, still wearing a Western Approaches scheme after her service in the Arctic. Cut to LA.MS of the Royal Ensign flying on Aurora, and sequence showing the approach of a steam pinnace - Viscount Gort comes onboard, followed by his Chief of Staff Captain Clarke RN - the Governor chats with Admiral Cunningham and Captain Agnew. Cunningham and the King exchange salutes as the King (in Naval uniform) leaves the ship, accompanied by the usual ceremony. LSs of RN personnel lining the harbour side and the royal barge, now alongside the Custom House. The film then reverts to the entry into Grand Harbour, the King at his saluting point on B turret - men line the harbour's side. A few spectators watch from a local dghaisa (dghajsa). The film then cuts again to the King onboard French-manned HDML - the craft makes away from Aurora, passing another of the escorts HMS Lookout (G.32). The launch takes the King on a tour of the harbour, passing several merchantmen, one sunk but sitting on an even keel in shallow water, the sloop HMS Shoreham (L.32) and a Hunt Class destroyer escort. The film ends with a series of aerial shots of the North African coast - desert, a township, mountains, fertile areas near the coast - intercut with a sequence shot from Aurora as she prepares to enter Grand Harbour, preceded by Eskimo - crewmen break out Union Jack on ensign staff.

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