Catalogue number
  • ADM 1038
Production date
Place made
Subject period
  • whole: Number Of Items/reels/tapes 7


License Film
Object description

Beach trials of rocket propelled demolition device and of other combined operations devices.

Full description

(Reel 1) A brief shot of the great panjandrum is followed by footage of trials of a Bren carrier fitted with floats. The Bren carrier drives into the water of a river or estuary, cruises around and makes several unsuccessful attempts to drive out again. (Later in the reel success is finally achieved). The great panjandrum, in a version with three rims, is started from a ramp just beyond the shoreline; the device rolls along the beach, tips up and then crashes over while being chased by a dog (Ammonal); rockets break free and skitter across the beach. A tank drives off an LCT and wades ashore.

Content description

(Reel 2) Various shots show a two rim version of the panjandrum, along with the ignition circuits. The circuit is fired and the device rolls a short way along the beach. A successful firing from an LCT just offshore is carried out, filmed from the shoreline. A number of shots show men trying out different versions of a one man stretcher on the shoreline. Another panjandrum trial from an LCT is carried out, filmed from higher up the beach (a second cameraman is seen on the shoreline).

Content description

(Reel 3) Close-ups show the panjandrum circuits being tested and connected. The device is fired from an LCT and rolls up the beach (filmed from a little way out in the water - the second cameraman is seen on the shoreline). The device is also seen rolling across the beach in another trial.

Content description

(Reel 4) The panjandrum, now fitted with two cables in an attempt to control its course, rolls to a stop across the beach. A close-up shows the cables being unbolted. In the next trial, the device, with cables, starts at some distance up the beach, loses control and veers towards the camera position, finally crashing over just in front of the camera (filmed in moderate slow motion).

Content description

(Reel 5) Various shots on the beach show the panjandrum's wiring. More close-ups show the device tethered at the front of an LCT.

Content description

(Reel 6) The panjandrum heads across the beach in a thick cloud of black smoke.

Content description

(Reel 7) The panjandrum (in its two rim version, with cables attached) moves slowly across the beach. The trial of the three rim version seen in reel one is seen from a different camera - Ammonal the dog chases after a stray rocket or two. The badly damaged device is winched upright. Nevil Norway(?) demonstrates the cable controlling device. A trial using the cables to "control" the device is filmed from directly behind - as the operator (Norway?) applies pressure to one cable reel, the cable snaps and flicks over the heads of the operators (cameraman changes lenses just at this moment). A close-up shows the frayed cable. A second similar trial is filmed, this time with a protective rig in front of the controller. Finally the device is seen advancing along the beach at dusk - the cameraman retreats up the beach, shakily filming the pebbles as he goes.

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