WAR OFFICE OFFICIAL TOPICAL BUDGET 338-1 (long fragment) [Main Title]

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  • IWM 663a
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I. Newsreel item on the state opening of Parliament by King George V, London, 7th February 1918.

Object description

II. Newsreel item on the opening of a club for non-commissioned officers of the Army and Royal Navy in London, February 1918.

Object description

III. Newsreel item of a long mule train with Indian Army drivers in the deserts of Palestine, late 1917.

Object description

IV. Newsreel item of a long line of limbers and GS wagons making their way forward down a road in the rear areas of the Western Front, late 1917.

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The King and Queen, in an open landau, drive out of the gates of Buckingham Palace. Their escort is composed of mounted troops of all the Imperial forces: British, Indian and Australian horsemen leading, with New Zealand, South African, Newfoundland, British West Indian and Canadian horsemen as rear escort. The procession enters through the gates of the Palace of Westminster.

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Sir Francis Lloyd, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lord Derby are seen arriving in turn by car for the opening of "The Chevrons Club" for petty officers and non-commissioned officers. The front of the club is shown.

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