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British re-edited version of Austro-Hungarian film of their own forces on the Home Front, Italian Front, and with the Germans on the Eastern Front, in autumn and winter 1915.

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(Reel 1) The departure of the Archduke (later Emperor) Karl with General Conrad von Hötzendorf from Vienna to inspect Austrian troops in the Tyrolean region, close to the Italian Front. Outside a hunting lodge Karl inspects a Tyrolean Jäger battalion, possibly from 8th Division. The party wanders through the mountain passes. Karl, with Lobkovitz the Austrian Adjutant General, talks with divisional commanders. Karl also inspects a dragoon regiment (probably 17th Dragoons), a hussar regiment and local volunteer foot soldiers. At a barracks, Karl has various battalion commanders presented to him. Finally, Karl and his wife Zita leave a hotel in Innsbruck by car, saying goodbye to a line of officers at the station before boarding their train. (Reel 2) Austrian troops in a mock attack, including a 77mm field gun fitted with an obsolete semi-solid trail. In the South Tyrol, the troops are shown praying in a field chapel and dancing to a flute. The visit of the (nominal) Austro-Hungarian Commander-in-Chief, Archduke Friedrich, to Kovel (about 80km South-East of Warsaw) following the Russian retreat of August 1915. A column of Russian prisoners is brought into the town while Austrian soldiers repair the railway. (Reel 3) The South Tyrol again, showing a battery of mountain guns in the Stilfersjoch valley, troops climbing up the Ortler mountain, and a Red Cross orderly corporal of the Kaiserschutzen, described as 68 years old. Archduke Friedrich attends a church service on the Eastern Front with von Hötzendorf, Peter Hofmann, and other dignitaries, to celebrate the Emperor Franz Josef's 85th birthday (18th August 1915). In Vienna, Archduke Friedrich initiates the War Shield by knocking in the first nail. Von Hötzendorf and Archduke Friedrich wait in the Tyrol for the arrival of a German goodwill mission headed by the Kaiser. The German War Minister, General Wild von Hohenborn, arrives first, followed by Kaiser Wilhelm in Austrian uniform, together with the German Chief of Staff General von Falkenhayn. Also present are the Austrian General Graf Paar and the German General von Bnlow. Friedrich talks to a court chamberlain (misidentified as Falkenhayn) and a state banquet follows. Later Kaiser Wilhelm, in German uniform, arrives at Friedrich's headquarters. (Reel 4) On the Galician part of the Eastern Front the Austro-Hungarian forces continue to advance in the wake of the Russian retreat. The captured fortress of Przemysl is shown. (Reel 5) Moving North, the captured towns of Ivangorod and Brest-Litovsk are also shown. Included are airfields where Aviatik CII aircraft in Austro-Hungarian and German service are flying. Austrian troops march through Czernowitz. Kaiser Wilhelm visits the North part of the Eastern Front with von Falkenhayn, talking to General von Gallwitz, commanding Twelfth Army.

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