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The aftermath of the German retreat to the Hindenburg Line, and the Battle of Arras, Western Front, March-April 1917.

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(Reel 1) The opening shows the destruction near Bapaume and Péronne caused by the German retreat. Buildings have been blown up, trees cut down. A British cyclist patrol is greeted by the population of a newly liberated village. French soldiers in another liberated village, probably Roye. A British 6-inch howitzer battery near Henin is shown, along with its 21-year old commander (possibly Major A Gordon of 11th Siege Battery RGA). Batteries of 18-pounders and 9.2-inch howitzers are also in action in the Henin area.

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(Reel 2) South African 1st Regiment during a trench raid (their leader, Captain Rolf, was awarded the MC), taking three prisoners. Another trench raid, possibly by 9th Battalion, the Cameronians. Behind the lines near Arras 19th Hussars wait.

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(Reel 3) Soldiers of 10th (London Stock Exchange) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, and Royal West Kents march up to the battlefield for the attack. German prisoners and wounded come back, but no fighting is shown. Men of the King's Liverpool Regiment and King's Own Shropshire Light Infantry move up.

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(Reel 4) In the aftermath, captured German gun positions are shown together with British howitzers moving to Monchy-le-Preux. The first train arrives at Arras station, played in by the pipe band of a battalion of Gordon Highlanders. Australians and men of 29th Division rest after the attack. On 13 April men of 29th Division are taken to rest by buses.

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