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  • WOY 134
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Object description

Demonstration of a flame barrage in the sea, just off the coast from a shingle beach.

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Content description

"Installation at C2 5 December 1940". View of the pumping apparatus and generator. Valves to the various pipes are opened. Panning shot of pipes leading away from the installation.

Content description

"Demonstration of Sea Barrage at C2 5 December 1940. Sea smooth slight cross wind. Ignition by calcium phosphide flares. Pipes 40 yards apart fitted with diagonally crossed arms. Mixture: 20% petrol:10% kerosene, 25% diesel oil, 25% Pool fuel oil, 20% Pool heavy oil." Views from high angles above the beach looking out to sea. Calm water suddenly erupts into several circles of flame, which pump pout thick black smoke. Shots from various angles. On the shingle beach, soldiers in uniform watch; some throw stones towards the burning barrage.

Content description

"Demonstration of 1 February 1941. Sea fairly smooth wind moderate. Sea barrage at C2. Pipes 25 and 30 yards apart. Ignition by an electric device (Hardiman). Mixture: 30% petrol, 15% kerosene, 55% diesel oil." Views across the beach and out to water as the various pools of fuel ignite and pump out a very thick wall of black smoke.

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