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Collection of miscellaneous naval scenes from the First World War.

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I. Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutters taking off and landing on HMS Argus, 1919 (?). Medium shot pan across a group of pilots standing before the chart house of HMS Argus. Medium close-up as lift brings up a Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter, F.7562, and pilot - a second aircraft is already on deck. F.7562 runs up and takes off. Second Sopwith takes off. Medium shot of Captain Smith at well deck conning position. Medium long shot aft to approaching Sopwith - the aircraft aborts its landing. Second aircraft lands on, and the deck handling party approach - FDCO walks into frame, holding flags. Third aircraft comes in rather high, and brakes sharply as 'dog-leash' grabs on the undercarriage engage the safety net. Fourth aircraft lands on - too far to starboard, it veers into the centre of the flight deck. Three more aircraft alight. Destroyer holding station astern, intermittently obscured by the pitching flight deck. Medium close-up of anonymous Lieutenant-Commander , and pan left as an aircraft comes ahead along flight deck.

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II. Various shots of a Queen Elizabeth Class battleship leading the Orions of Second Battle Squadron. Escorts include Marksman Class Leader, Special I, and Admiralty M Class destroyers.

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III. Medium shot off the port quarter of RN Giulio Cesare firing its main armament over the port beam - sequence intercut with shots of shell splashes near the target, and low-angle close-up of a broadside fired from a Varese Class armoured cruiser (?). Long shot from onboard an Italian warship approaching a small island. Medium shot along waist to where officers watch a rating at work in a stowed lifeboat - pan to passing coastline - puffs of smoke cross the screen (from a saluting gun ?).

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IV. Medium shot of feather from a raised periscope moving across a calm sea - camera slowly closing.

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V. Medium shot of Admiral Madden (?) and unidentified Rear-Admiral leaving a ship - in foreground, a Lieutenant salutes.

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VI. Medium close-up of the battle honours (Jutland and Dover Straits) of HMS Broke.

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VII. Fire fighting - Italian ratings in fatigues carry picks, axes, etc. Hose lies on the ground. Warrant officer in the foreground.

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