Walter Monnington

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  • ART/WA2/03/373
Art and Popular Design
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Monnington was working at the Directorate of Camouflage at Leamington Spa when he wrote with a proposal to document the war in the air. The Air Ministry were very supportive of this proposal and in November 1943, was offered a salaried appointment for the Ministry of Information for three months, for £162.10s. There was some discussion of the question of life insurance for Monnington. In January 1944 Monnington submitted four pictures (probably IWM:ART LD 3767 and 3769, LD 3768 and 3770), and also proposed some further subjects, including particular aircraft types and was consequently offered a further two months' commission on February 1944 for £110, and then a further four months from March 31st (retrospective); it continued to be extended. In May 1944 he was offered a new appointment as official war artist to the Ministry of War Transport. Following a submission of a number of groups of works, described at (122), Monnington's next commission, in February 1943, specified six portraits, at 10 guineas each (127) There is no other mention of specific works in this file. Other correspondence concerns loans of works to the Royal Academy, or arrangements for deferment of Monnington's military service.

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