Ray Howard Jones

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Art and Popular Design
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Ray Howard-Jones wrote to Kenneth Clark expressing particularly interest in documenting the activities of the merchant navy. Dickey advised her on how to obtain local permits for this activity in South Wales. In July 1942, she submitted 11 drawings, which were not purchased and which were censored for the duration of the war. However she had more success with drawings submitted in November, of which one was purchased (21) for seven guineas - LD 3524, under the title 'Defence'. Further drawings were submitted in July 1943 and of these, one, LD 3493, was purchased for 7 guineas. Howard-Jones was then commissioned for a picture of "activities on and around fortified islands" (38) for 20 guineas, in July 1943. The picture was submitted in October 1943. Three drawings were acquired on this subject: IWM:ART LD 3525, 3527, and LD 3529: one the original commission, an additional drawing purchased for 5 guineas, and one a gift from the artist. In February 1944 her portrait of Brigadier Howard-Jones, the artist's brother, IWM:ART LD 3766, was purchased for 15 guineas (62). Then in August the same year, IWM:ART LD 4404 was purchased for 7 guineas (87), and, in December, IWM:ART LD 4727-4729 for 25 guineas (96ff). Then in December 1945, IWM:ART LD 5583 was purchased (114). In her letter at (118), she describes her activities in working on site on this picture. Other general correspondence includes arrangements for facilities and permits, and some enquiries. The file ends with a leaflet for the IWM's exhibition 'Some Women Artists', October 1958 to February 1959

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