Rupert Shephard

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  • ART/WA2/03/228
Art and Popular Design
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Shephard submitted a number of works in November 1941, of which five were purchase, for 30 guineas (4) (LD 1613 and IWM:ART LD 1614-1617). Further works were submitted in September 1942, of which three were purchased, for 18 guineas (IWM:ART LD 2461-2463)(10); in April 1943, five pictures for 30 guineas (16) - the series 'Women in Industry'; IWM:ART LD 2839-2840, LD 2842-2842 and IWM:ART LD 2843). It appears that Shephard suffered a breakdown in 1943 and was released from his work as a draughtsman in a factory (26), (30). Later that year he was able to accept a commission for a portrait of a Production worker, for 50 or 75 guineas depending on the size, and another in March 1944, for a Bomber repair subject (probably LD 4095) (31); and one in May 1944 for IWM:ART LD 4647 (40), for 35 guineas. at (41) is a list of works submitted to the Committee, of which LD 4095 and IWM:ART LD 4141 were acquired, the latter purchased for 15 guineas. In December 1944, Shephard was commissioned to paint a penicillin factory (IWM:ART LD 5020 (50), and in March 1945, an Admiralty sitter (58). Shephard then went on to replace Bernard Hailstone as Ministry of War Transport artist, from April 1945. The file includes a misfiled letter relating to John Holmes (36).

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