Norman Hepple

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  • ART/WA2/03/115
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war artists archive

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Four pictures by Hepple, an auxiliary fireman, were submitted to the Committee in October 1940, via the Deputy Chief Fire Officer. Of these, one, IWM:ART LD 668, was purchased, for five guineas. IWM:ART LD 1361 was purchased in August 1941, for 10 guineas. In June 1943, a series of drawings was commissioned, of NFS personnel on production work, for 25 guineas. Two pictures were received in September 1943, (LD 3225-6). LD 4403, another NFS subject, was selected in August 1944, for an additional five guineas, Meanwhile in May 1944, IWM:ART LD 3977 was purchased, for 10 guineas. IWM:ART LD 4721 was purchased in November 1944, for 50 guineas.

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