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  • ART/WA2/03/062
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Hartrick's name was put on the original list of possible artists at the suggestion of Sir Walter Russell. He was commissioned to do four watercolours and four lithographs at 12 guineas each, of land work subjects. Hartrick particularly wished the lithographs to be printed by the Baynard Press. It was suggested that the lithographs might be circulated to schools by the Board of Education, but this was declined by the Board of Education. Further works were made, including on a visit to Gloucestershire where Hartrick witnessed fruit picking and canning (IWM:ART LD 399; LD 392). The first submitted picture of fruit canning was later swapped for another. Other correspondence concerns Hartrick's response to criticism of his works in an article in the Burlington magazine, and his suggestion of a "hot sand barrage" defence; later enquiries about further sets of the lithographs; and the suggestion that Hartrick should do some drawings for the Pilgrim Trust's 'Recording Britain' publications. The last two letters from Hartrick express his concern about the missing Thomas Hennell and his interest in contacting David Jones.

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