Exhibition by London Fire Brigade in USA

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  • ART/WA2/01/076
Art and Popular Design
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  • whole: 3 parts, 289pp, 244pp and 488pp
war artist archive

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The file is in three parts, as follows: /76/1 = 28 May 1941 - 15 May 1942 /76/2 = 18 May 1942 - 06 Sep 1945 /76/3 = 06 Jan 1943 - 31 Oct 1945 The files essentially continue from /75, and concern the administration of a second exhibition of firemen artists' work which was sent to North America late in 1941, with three more firemen, Edgar Kirby, Matvyn Wright and William Garrett. The files concern the administration of the exhibition and the lecture tours of the firemen. There are regular reports sent back by the British Bureau of Information in New York, and presscuttings. There are papers regarding fifteen pictures, destroyed by a fire at Newark, New Jersey, in February 1944, for which the owners had to be compensated. There is a rough sketch of one of these, 'Noisy Nocturne' by Norman Hepple, in /76/3 p(6). There is also discussion about the ownership and indemnity of Rudolph Haybrook's 'Southwark Street, December 1940'.

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