Nevinson, C R W

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Continuation of file 266A/6. This file concerns reproductions of 'Reliefs at Dawn' (IWM:ART 5276), to be published by Grant Richards; Nevinson's visit to the United States in 1919; the fact that Nevinson's 'Harvest of Battle' (IWM:ART 1921) was not permitted to be included in the Royal Academy's exhibition, being retained for the Imperial War Museum's show there later in the year, although Sargent's 'Gassed' was included; a description of the subject matter of 'Harvest of Battle' (170); preparations for the IWM exhibition at the Royal Academy; Nevinson's complaints about the hanging of his works and about the duration of the Ministry of Information touring exhibition to America; numerous loan and reproduction requests; the loan of 'La Mitrailleuse' from the Tate Gallery; an exhibition catalogue for Nevinson's exhibition at the Leicester Galleries, March 1918 (see previous file); copyright; and correspondence with Nevinson and his father regarding Nevinson's exclusion from a letter sent to the Times by Ernest Blaikley.

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