Private Papers of K G A Dohoo

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private papers

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Photocopies of: an ms postcard (on Japanese 'Service des Prisonniers de Guerre' card), dated 14 March 1943, and sent by him from the men's civilian internment camp in Palembang, Sumatra stating that he was " the best of health..." and " no sort of want...", but asking for a parcel of clothes; and of three ms letters of condolence (9pp in total), dated October 1945 – March 1946, sent to his widow, Beryl, and father by former fellow internees in Sumatra giving broadly similar descriptions of Kenneth Dohoo's sterling qualities during the period of internment, his employment on the camp kitchen staff, living conditions in the camps, the deterioration in his health, on account of attacks of malaria and jaundice, after the internees were moved from Palembang to Muntok in September 1943 and the circumstances of his death on 25 October 1944.

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