Private Papers of Captain H G Scott DSC RN

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private papers

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Papers relating to his command of the destroyer HMS WISHART from September 1941 - May 1943 comprising: photocopy of an ms transcription (3pp) of a letter to his mother (22 January 1942), of which sections were later included in a BBC radio broadcast, giving a graphic description of the discomforts and occasional pleasures of commanding a destroyer on North Atlantic convoy escort duty; two signals (November 1942) and official correspondence (February 1944 - June 1946) about the payment of a bonus award to WISHART's ship's company for the salving of the USS THOMAS STONE after she was torpedoed in the Mediterranean on 7 November 1942 immediately prior to the landings in North Africa and successfully towed by WISHART to Algiers; corrected page proofs (3pp) of an account by Scott of the towing of the THOMAS STONE published in 'Blackwood's Magazine' in March 1943, together with a ts letter (1p, 26 January 1943) from Blackwood's accepting the article; official correspondence and papers (May - June 1943) relating to Scott's exoneration from blame for WISHART's 'friendly fire' attack on the French submarine VESTALE in the Mediterranean on 19 May 1943 in which one of the submarine's officers was killed before the submarine was identified as an Allied one; photocopy of an official letter (1p, July 1946) concerning WISHART's possible involvement in the sinking of U74 off Gibraltar on 2 May 1942; and the supplement to the 'London Gazette' submitted by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham as Commander in Chief Mediterranean in March 1943 on Operation 'Torch', the Allied landings in North Africa in November 1942.

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