Private Papers of Lieutenant Colonel R B Goodden OBE

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Catalogue date 2005-07-07

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An extensive collection of his personal papers, such as correspondence, diaries (1916 - 1933 and 1939 - 1945), letters to his parents and his sister (1915 - 1926), and photographs, and official documents, such as his identity pass, maps giving the disposition of enemy forces in Macedonia, Monthly Reports, and war diaries, relating to his military career (1915 - 1945) and recording his service in France with HQ, 73rd Infantry Brigade and No 14 General Hospital in Wimereux, Boulogne (September 1915 - ?December 1915); as a Staff Captain on the AG & QMG's Staff of the British Adriatic Mission with the Royal Serbian Army in Corfu (January 1916 - June 1916); GSO3 (Liaison Officer with the Serbian Army in Macedonia) at GHQ, Salonika (June 1916 - August 1917, being Mentioned in Despatches in 1917); GSO3, GHQ, Irish Command, Dublin, Ireland (May 1918 - December 1918); GSO2, British Military Mission to Roumania (December 1918 - March 1920), including a visit to Southern Russia (September 1919); GSO2, British Military Mission to Baltic States (June 1920 - March 1922) and as Military Attache to Riga (Latvia), Kovno (Lithuania), Reval (Estonia) and Helsingfors (Finland) ( April 1923 - July 1924); Bucharest (Roumania) (1926 - 1930) and Helsinki, Finland (1939 - 1940); with much useful intelligence and operational material on the armed forces and politics of the Balkans, Finland and the Baltic States, and the Soviet Union.

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