Private Papers of E Ashton

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A collection of ms correspondence to his sister in Lancashire, August 1912 - July 1916, the first six letters and postcards touching on his career as a professional footballer with Grimsby and Portsmouth (1912 - 1913), the next three letters and a postcard written during his training as an ordinary seaman at Portsmouth (October - December 1915) and the remaining seven letters covering his service in the battleship HMS ALBEMARLE when she was employed as a guardship in the White Sea, with particular reference to the monotony of their life on board the ship, the absence of any facilities ashore and the extremes in climate and hours of daylight between winter and summer (January - July 1916); together with three photographs of him as a footballer and in naval uniform, one photograph of his sister, laser copies of fourteen photographs taken in the Kola Inlet during 1916 and two bookmarks made from tree bark that he collected when ashore in North Russia.

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