Private Papers of J H Pennock

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private papers

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Catalogue date 1995-05

History note

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Photocopy of an undated ms memoir (10pp with 4pp ts transcription) describing how, as an aircraftman in No 151 Maintenance Unit RAF, he sailed from Singapore with other servicemen in the RAF supply tender ST328 on 12 February 1942, their crossing to Muntok in Sumatra and passage on the river between Muntok and Palembang until their ship was attacked and sunk by a Japanese invasion barge and at least two members of their party were killed, their jungle refuge ashore and procurement from the natives of small boats and supplies with a view to evasion and escape from Sumatra, and their capture by the Japanese after a short fire fight on 1 March 1942 and transfer by boat to a prisoner of war camp in Palembang; together with colour photocopies of: three undated prisoner of war postcards sent from Sumatra with brief messages to his girlfriend in South London, the team sheet for a cricket match played between Allied prisoners of war in Palembang (6 February 1943), a note about his medical classification (12 March 1943), a sheet with drawings and a poem written by him in captivity, and a photograph of him in uniform, probably taken in London in 1941. Pennock remained a a prisoner of war in Palembang from March 1942 until his liberation in August 1945.

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