Private Papers of Dr E H Putley

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Ts account (42pp) written ca 1995 mainly concerning his work on the development of ground radar technology with the TRE (Telecommunications Research Establishment) at Great Malvern from August 1942 to 1946, describing the radar jamming practices of aircraft, his criticisms of the relatively ineffective V-2, the working relationship between the RAF, industry, and the scientific staff of the TRE, and his memories of the incident on 11 February 1942 in which the German battlecruisers SCHARNHORST and GNEISENAU sailed through the English Channel while jamming British radar, together with his brief experiences as a 15-year old evacuee September 1939 - July 1940 at Woodley, Berkshire, his views on contemporary attitudes toward `ragged and insanitary' London evacuees, and a critique of air raid shelter construction.

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