Private Papers of Miss P M Briggs

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private papers

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Catalogue date 1982-04

History note

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Account (25pp ts and 1p ms) based on, and incorporating some entries from, a contemporary diary, of her experiences as a nursing sister in Northern Malaya, December 1941 - January 1942, and then, following the Japanese invasion, in Singapore, January - February 1942, giving a good description of the chaos in the city, especially in its hospitals which were crowded with wounded servicemen and civilians; and recording her time as an internee in Sumatra, after the MATA HARI, on which she attempted to leave Singapore, was captured by the Japanese in the Bangka Straits, in camps at Muntok, February - April 1942, Palembang, April 1942 - October 1944, Muntok again, October 1944 - April 1945, and Loebek Linggau, April - September 1945, providing useful details of conditions in the camps. The account is accompanied by a photostat copy of a drawing of a hut at Palembang made by a fellow internee, Margaret Dryburgh.

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