Private Papers of W J Leaney

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Catalogue date 1984-06-15

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Ms diary (111pp) written while he was a prisoner of war on the Burma-Siam railway in the camps at Tonchan ( November 1942 - April 1943), Tonchan `jungle camp' ( April - August 1943), Tarsao (August 1943) and Chungkai (late August 1943) with vivid descriptions of their many privations (especially medical conditions, including the experience of suffering from cholera) and of the spirit of utter despondency resulting from apparently interminable imprisonment; together with original ts copies (9pp) of the orders issued duing the 'Selarang Incident' in Changi camp, Singapore (August - September 1942). Leaney, a pre-war Regular soldier who was serving as a Sergeant with the 7th Coast Regiment RA when he was captured on the fall of Singapore, died when a Japanese prison ship (either the RAKUYO MARU or the KACHIDOKI MARU) was sunk en route to Japan on 12 September 1944; the collection also includes various official documents regarding his military service, POW status and death, telegrams, postcards to his wife written whilst in captivity, and photographs [also 2 medals].

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