Private Papers of Captain C E S Tirbutt MM

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Ts diary (103pp), June 1942 - May 1948, written as an NCO, 1942 - 1945, and as an officer, 1945 - 1948, including: service as Intelligence Sergeant with 24th Armoured Brigade HQ (8th Armoured Division), Egypt, June - December 1942 (2nd General Hospital, Quassasin, and 2nd Convalescence Hospital Depot, July - September 1942; Alamein, October 1942); OCTU, Acre, Palestine (returned to unit), December 1942 - January 1943; 45th RTR, Egypt, Malta and Sicily, February - October 1943 (39th and 63rd General Hospitals, July - September 1943); 44th RTR, 4th Armoured Brigade, Italy, UK and North West Europe, October 1943 - March 1945 (the Rualti engagement, December 1943; awarded MM, January 1944; training, UK, January - June 1944; landing in France, June 1944; the Odon Bridgehead, July 1944; the breakout into Holland where he was wounded, August - September 1944; commissioned in the field, December 1944; wounded by shelling, Holland, and evacuation to the UK, March 1945); recovering in UK hospitals, March - November 1945; convalescing, November 1945 - July 1946; at Catterick Camp, July - October 1946; with the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force, Palestine, October 1946 - May 1948, when he was demobilized.

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