Private Papers of Mrs I M Corry

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Photocopied ts memoir (68pp) covering her early life as a foster child in Darlington and Sutton, initial wartime experiences, 1939 - 1942, wartime service as a member of the Women's Land Army in Wiltshire, with particular reference to her training at Dauntsey Agricultural College, employment in the same county as a milker and general farmworker and off-duty activities in Salisbury, and with a detailed description of her courtship by, and marriage to, a sergeant in the US Army, her voyage to the USA as a 'war bride' with a baby son in May 1946 and the hardships she faced there as a result of her husband's attitude, culminating in her divorce and return to Britain with two young children; also 5 Wiltshire WLA newsletters (1942 - 1943), an ms proposal of marriage (1p 1943) from an Italian prisoner of war, wartime correspondence from friends including cards and a photograph from a British POW in Stalag III, a V Mail letter (1944) and an ms letter (3pp) from her father about bomb damage in Sutton, Surrey in August 1944, papers relating to gift hampers from Australia (Second World War), two ts letters from the Surrey WLA (April - May 1942) offering her an appointment in Wiltshire together with a ts cyclostyled sheet (2pp) outlining the conditions of service in the Wiltshire WLA, an official Notification of Training form (May 1942) directing her to Dauntsey School, a ts letter of appointment (2pp) to the farm near Salisbury (June 1942), her WLA Release Certificate (August 1945) and an application form to join the National Union of Agricultural Workers.

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