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Ts account (25 pp written ca 1950's) describing his life (as a rubber planter) at Langkawi, Malaya at the time of the Japanese invasion (December 1941), his wife's and his evasion of captivity by taking a boat from there to the Perak river, Malaya, via Penang, his service as a volunteer lorry driver for the army going from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and on airfield repairs at Seletar, Singapore, scenes in Singapore before the surrender, his flight in the steamer GIANG BEE, capture by a Japanese destroyer, landing on Bangka Island, his internment in camps on Sumatra at Muntok, Tin Winning building, Palembang (Gaol and Charitas Hospital), Padju golf club, the medical and food situation in camp, the suicide as a prisoner of Sir John Campbell, liberation and repatriation, identity card issued to a British planter in Malaya during the emergency (1948).

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