Private Papers of W Harrison

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Interesting set of papers providing a detailed account of his experiences as a Conscientious Objector during the First World War, beginning with his membership of the No-Conscription Fellowship (by February 1915), including his annotated copy of the Agenda for the Emergency National Convention of the NCF in April 1916 and an ms note from A Fenner Brockway, before recording in detail the process of his conscription (June 1916 - March 1917) through both the Local and Appeals Tribunals, with the answers, statements and references he presented to them alongside their official forms and circulars, to his District Courts Martial (March 1917 and November 1918) where he was twice sentenced to two years hard labour before being finally released in April 1919, together with copies of a ts memoir (28pp) giving further details of his experiences particularly of his time in Wormwood Scrubs and Newcastle prisons, transcriptions of 28 poems written whilst in prison 1917 - 1919, and a copy of the Holy Bible presented to him in 1910 and kept during his imprisonment.

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