IWM Short Film Festival

IWM’s Short Film Festival 2014 is a showcase of imaginative and challenging films inspired by our collections and our role - to explore the causes of war and conflict, and its impact on people’s lives.

Winners announced

The winners of the IWM Short Film Festival 2014 are:

  • First World War Commendation: tWW1tter – David Tindal’s Story. Runner-up: Battle Lines.
  • Annie Dodds Award for Best Documentary: Yassine Goes to Syria. Runner-up: Eye to the Viewfinder.
  • Best Creative Response: tWW1tter – David Tindal’s Story. Runner-up: Blasted.
  • Audience Vote Award: An All Encompassing Light. Runner-up: Eye to the Viewfinder.

More about the festival

Shortlisted filmmakers have created challenging, engaging films that are inspired by, and use IWM’s rich collections. Made by both amateur and professional filmmakers, the shortlisted films explore the First and Second World Wars through to conflicts in Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

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IWM Short Film Festival free talks

The judging panel including journalist, author and playwright Bonnie Greer as well as Richard Melman, Toby Haggith and Matt Lee will announce the winners of IWM’s Short Film Festival 2014 in an award ceremony on 1 December at IWM London. There are four award categories: The Annie Dodds Award for Best Documentary, Best Creative Response, First World War Commendation and Audience Vote. The winner of The Annie Dodds Award for Best Documentary will receive a 12-week paid internship with October Films, and the winner of the Best Creative Response will be offered £10,000 of post-production support with Prime Focus World.

The views and statements expressed in the films screened at the IWM Short Film Festival are those of the film-makers and not of IWM.

All films by the winners and runners up will also have a public screening at IWM North on 7 December 2014. View clips from this year's submissions.

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Find out more about our judging criteria

General points

Production values, while important, are not the most important consideration when judging the films, we welcome films from first time, student and amateur filmmakers.

Originality of subject matter – the Judges will be looking out for less well known content and stories.

Submissions should use IWM collections or should be based on our subject matter in its broadest sense (doesn’t need to be about IWM subject matter if it uses IWM collections and vice versa). IWM tells the story of people who have lived, fought and died in conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth since 1914. We challenge people to look at conflict from different perspectives, enriching their understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war and its impact on people’s lives.

The Judges will consider how the films:

  • Use archive material ethically
  • Tackle the subject matter objectively
  • Make historically accurate use of source material
  • Make sensitive treatment of material and subject matter

Best Documentary

The Judges will be looking for:

  • A factual approach or using factual accounts
  • Historical accuracy
  • Balanced approach to the subject matter
  • Challenging or imaginative approach to the subject matter
  • Films don’t have to be in a standard documentary format
  • Coherence

Creative Response

The Judges will be looking for:

  • Artistic merit
  • Challenging more formal ideas of filmmaking in content and structure
  • Compelling ideas and conceits
  • Clever or imaginative use of archive material
  • Quality of script and plot

Additional information

There will also be prizes awarded for:

  • The film which best tackles this year’s special theme, the First World War
  • The winner of the audience vote
  • More questions? Consult our FAQs.

Tickets will be available to book starting the week of 22 September.



For more information please check out our FAQs.


Past Winners

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